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Join us at our new location on 15 Fifth St. in Taunton (enter on Fourth St.). See you there!

About us

home_imageR.A.W. ” Bodies Under Construction” is a full Functional Training facility geared towards ANYONE and all levels looking to GET FIT. Offering Strength and Conditioning programs, Bootcamps, Spinning & Olympic Weight Lifting for beginners and intermediate clients!
Maaike De Jong built R.A.W to create a progressive and positive environment to all in need of achieving health and wellness. Her “Bodies Under Construction” moto has been followed by hundreds of her clients. Maaike is the master motivator and the nucleus of R.A.W.


Maaike De Jong

Maaike De Jong

Founder. Manager. Trainer.
Shaun Nye

Shaun Nye

Personal Trainer
Gracie Harrigan

Gracie Harrigan

Certified Spin Instructor


I can’t speakhighly enough about Maaike’s knowledge, desire, determination, dedication androle of motivator when it comes to myself personal and many others at RAWdesire to be fitter/healthier and stronger. Thank you Maaike, while you didn’t save my life, you certainly havetaught me how to extend i, but I still haven’t been back for “Leg” Day! but some day I will

– Eric Pearson

Maaike is tough and will not let you wimp out or give up. She is able to see your true potential and helps you fight to reach it every single time. The best part is that she is by your side cheering you on and then is there to share in all your accomplishments. I am so thankful for the experience that RAW, Maaike and my RAW peeps have given me.

 – Stacie Morgado

All I can say is WOW! Maaike is the best-she made me feel welcome from the first minute. Not only a great person but quite the trainer.She is so knowledgeable and takes the time to guide you into the correct form of whatever move you are doing.

The changes that have happened to my body I never thought possible and I cannot believe how strong I feel. Maaike can turn you into a bad ass-if you show up-you will get results!!

– Stacey Kerkhoff